Houston Obesity

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Houston, we have a problem.

Like most major US cities, the percentage of obesity has been climbing steadily for years. This rise goes hand in hand with increases in heart disease, diabetes, low back issues, knee and hip issues, and cancer.

The proliferation of restaurants, and their enormous serving sizes, all contribute to this obesity surge. When factoring in the increase in chemicals and hormones in our food supply, the apparent appetite for fried foods, and the mutation of typically healthy cuisine such as traditional Mexican and Asian, into the fat laden fare in most restaurants, it’s easy to see why Harris County obesity rates are above 70%.   http://www.houstonstateofhealth.com/indicators/index/view?indicatorId=56&localeId=2675

Everyone knows, on some level, that eating better, and exercising will improve your health.  This may include purchasing a treadmill for your home?   Houston is a diverse city and many people are now working from home so getting to a gym or even choosing the perfect day (not to hot, wet or cold) to head to Memorial Park are almost impossible.   Busy Body is one of those companies helping out by delivering and installing gym quality exercise equipment to your home.

The only option we have is to continue to educate our community. That must include methods of motivation, easy to implement dietary changes, and ongoing sharing of information. Somehow, the community at large needs to truly “get it” when it comes to their health and longevity of life. Obesity, and the myriad other diseases, have become commonplace to the point of acceptance.

While making lifestyle changes are not easy, they are definitely worth it.

Robert Reed- Store Manager – Busy Body Westheimer

Importance of using Heart rate training

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Heart rate training is important for two main reasons, that is, to make sure your workout is safe for you, and to measure your progress.  It isn’t a good idea to workout and have your heart rate in an unsafe zone.  Then, as you progress, you will be able to get your heart rate up, and even though that zone was previously unsafe, it is now safe.  The only way to monitor your heart rate is with a monitor.  Try to find one that accurately measures your heart rate, and you’re on your way to having a stronger and healthier heart.  By the way,  It might be said it’s better to have a stronger heart than stronger arms or legs, or great abs.

I’m not a doctor, but I do practice common sense!

Rick Combi – Busy Body

How to Stay Active During Vacation Season

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A vacation is the perfect time to break up your normal routine, but many times that can include your fitness routine. To keep working on your summer body while traveling, you may need some new tips and accessories (including motivation!) to keep moving forward.

When traveling to new destinations, incorporating fitness into sightseeing can be quite easy. In many major cities, walking is just as prevalent as taking taxis or using public transportation. Running and biking are also a more intense way to hit the road and learn about a new area. Some places are even best toured on water – consider renting a kayak. Whether you’re on a plotted route to see as many sights as possible or just want to get lost and hit the local spots, use an activity tracker. You’ll be so immersed in your surroundings you won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

If you have more flexibility in your itinerary and want to make time for workouts each day, stick to a routine like you do at home. If you normally exercise in the mornings before work, do the same on vacation. Let’s face it, no one has time to workout at home, we make time. The same is true while traveling. Finding time in the mornings rather than the evenings may be more effective on vacation – if it’s out of the way before your activities, nothing that happens throughout your day can cut out your workout.

Even though you can’t take your home fitness space on vacation with you, some accessories and smaller machines are perfect for fitness on-the-go!

Jump Rope – A jump rope is a great cardio accessory easily packed into most carry on bags or back packs and can assist you in calorie burn on the go!

Resistance Bands – It doesn’t get more portable than these strength bands. With different resistance levels, use these in your hotel’s gym or even out on the beach. They’re perfect for air travel because they’re so compact, but they pack a huge punch.

Personal Power Plate – Vibration training is one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry right now. It helps your body work harder and recover more quickly. Power Plate recently introduced the Personal Power Plate. At only 27.5″ x 18.7″ and 40lbs, it’s easy to slip into a car for any road trip. The Personal Power Plate is meant to go wherever you do!

However you decide to stay in shape while traveling, just remember to keep moving. Although it’s tempting to eat the local fare and lounge by the pool, it makes it that much tougher to get back into your routine when you get back, which can take a huge toll on your fitness goals and motivation. Use these tips and accessories to have a fit and fun vacation!