Specialty Fitness Store vs Big Box fitness stores

Why shop at a Specialty Fitness over Big Box store?
Shopping at a Specialty Fitness store like Winston Fitness, Busy Body and Fitness Unlimited means that you can shop confidently knowing that the fitness industry’s leading manufacturers have chosen us as their partner to sell their high quality gym equipment, we will have these same brands you see in real health gym facilities or your favorite pro sports team. We know that purchasing quality fitness equipment is an investment in your health. Which is why we carry a lineup of the best fitness equipment for you to test, touch, and try in store. It’s important that we only partner with manufacturers who share the same commitment to the same high level of quality and service.

Can you check online for reviews good or bad, yes? Big box stores, online only retailers and infomercials usually don’t have in house tech service they out source there service needs to a 3rd party and generally carry brands that don’t care if the store dealer can or can’t meet warranty service.   Online reviews are typically paid by “affiliates” that pay for click to direct you to their preferred site that will kick them back money for the review!

When you want to purchase fitness equipment it is similar to a car purchase. You’d first check the brands in which experts review well (like consumer reports that dies not take money from the clicks). You may talk to friends about who and what they trust. Then you’d search for a reputable dealership for those brands.  Look for one with a top-notch local service department, rave reviews, competitive prices, and one you felt would stand behind the purchase. Then, take it for a test drive, making sure it fit you and your needs, and performed well compared to the cars you’ve driven before. Most likely you would not purchase a car from a brand you’ve never tried, sight-unseen, from an online source that can only promise you it is just as good as what you’ve heard of or driven.

Purchasing home gym equipment is no different. The best brands are the same ones you’ve seen and used in the gym. We sell high-quality fitness equipment, allow you to test drive it before you commit to it.

Additionally, purchasing from a specialty fitness store or better yet an authorized dealer means your equipment is protected with a solid warranty, carefully delivered, properly installed, and serviced by professionals trained by manufacturers to remedy any issues and to maintain your equipment with the correct preventative maintenance. (Yes, fitness equipment, like automobiles require some routine maintenance.)

Only an authorized fitness dealers can meet all of those needs.

John Lopez – Store Manager Winston Fitness – 15 Years

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