Torque Tank M2

$1,395.00 $995.00


M2 On Sale for $995   M4 now available for $1450


TANK’s rubber wheels allow athletes to train on any surface — from artificial turf to concrete — without fear of damaging it. Now, you can train where it matters most, whether that’s on the court, at your home, or in the gym.


Take a closer look at what separates TANK from every traditional friction football sled on the market. From its group training potential to its revolutionary frictionless magnetic brake, TANK is a breakthrough in resistance training.

Electrostatic paint coating on TANK weight sled allows it to
be used outdoors without fear of damage from the elements.

Rubber coating on each handle gives
users a firm grip point.

Weight horns provide traction with added weight and allow
for accessory storage with the Group Anchor Station.

Carpet, turf, or rubber. TANK’s tires allow you to train
on any surface without fear of damage or noise.

Variable magnetic resistance brake system
provides all of TANK’s resistance.

4 adjustable levels of resistance allow
you to train any level of athlete.

Tow hooks on both sides of TANK allow allow for
pulling and challenging battle rope exercises.


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