Garage Gym Starter Set GGP1.1

$1,499.00 $1,131.00

No need to wait, no shipping to pay, buy today and workout today!   Busy Body has a 25,000 square ft. warehouse full of equipment to get you fit! When it comes to building your home garage gym, quality strength and conditioning equipment is just as important as your budget.  That’s why have assembled this kit that includes  7′ Get RXd Half Rack, our top selling Inspire SCS Flat/Incline, Decline bench and a 300lb weight set with rubber grip plates, 7′ Olympic bar and 2 spring collars.  Everything you need to get started or expand on your existing home gym!   You’ll find everything you need for strength, conditioning, bodyweight training & accessories at Busy Body.

  • 7′ Get RXd Half Rack
  • 300lb Rubber Grip Plates (2 x 45lb, 2 x 35lb, 2 x 25lb, 2 x 10lb 4 x 5lb 2 x 2.5lb)
  • 7′ Olympic Bar
  • Two 2″ Spring Collars
  • Inspire SCS Flat, Incline and Decline bench

Save over $300 with this package!


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