Elliptigo ARC

$1,299.00 $999.99

Experience the fun and comfort of elliptical cycling on the ElliptiGO Arc, our newest elliptical bike.
The Arc’s sleek aluminum frame is what enables it to be our lightest and most affordable bike. With eight gears and a compact elliptical stride, the Arc not only delivers a fantastic low-impact workout experience, it also gives you the ability to cruise comfortably, sprint off the line quickly, and climb steep hills. Adjustable foot positioning keeps your feet comfortable without being locked in, and the telescoping steering column makes it quick and easy to adjust the fit for riders of all sizes. The steering column is also removable, making the Arc easy to transport. Take your fitness and fun outdoors with the ElliptiGO Arc

Fantastic Riding Experience •Comfortable: Natural “stand up” riding position reduces stress on your neck, back and eliminates seat pain.
Fun to ride: Gives the feeling of “running on air”
•Low-impact: Very gentle on your joints
•Great visibility: Higher riding position makes it easier for you to see and be seen

Great Workout •Fat burner: Burns 33% more calories than a traditional bicycle – providing a better workout in less time
•Full-body conditioning: Engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs
•Weight-bearing exercise: Increases your heart rate and is good for bone density

Tremendous Versatility •Very Adjustable: Fits a wide range of riders with quick, easy adjustments
•Multiple foot positions: Lets you target different muscle groups while keeping your feet comfortable
•Portable: Can fit inside most vehicles and on roof, trunk and hitch racks


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