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The ElliptiGO 8C is the most popular elliptical bike in the world for one reason – it’s the perfect combination of price and performance. With a long stride length, running-like motion and wide gear range, the 8C is the elliptical bike of choice for everyone from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts and recreational riders. Whether you are looking to hammer a short interval workout, ride a century or cruise the neighborhood for fun, the 8C will deliver the experience you’re seeking. For comfort, performance and price, the ElliptiGO 8C delivers the best bang for your buck.


  • Low ImpactLOW-IMPACT: A smooth, elliptical motion provides a great workout that’s gentle on your knees, hips, ankles and back.
  • Fun To RideFUN TO RIDE: The speed, handling and motion feels like “running on air,” giving you a carefree exercise experience at any age.
  • ComfortableCOMFORTABLE:The natural “stand up” riding position reduces stress on your neck and back while completely eliminating seat pain.
  • Heart HealthyHEART HEALTHY: Burns 33% more calories than a traditional bicycle, providing a better workout in less time.
  • OutsideOUTSIDE: Meant to ride outdoors on the same paths that you walk, jog, run or bike, but compatible with indoor stationary trainers (3C/8C/11R only), so you can train year round.
  • Increased VisibilityINCREASED VISIBILITY: A higher riding position makes it easier for you to see and be seen.
  • One/Size Fits AllONE-SIZE FITS ALL: The steering height and pedaling motion are adjustable so riders from 4’10” to 6’10” can find their optimal fit for a comfortable ride.
  • Great Full-Body WorkoutGREAT FULL-BODY WORKOUT: The stand-up position of elliptical bikes engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs.
  • Weight-Bearing ExerciseWEIGHT-BEARING EXERCISE: Gets your heart rate up, burns calories and helps to improve bone density.
  • PortablePORTABLE: Can fit inside most vehicles and on a variety of roof, trunk and hitch racks.


With a maximum length of 25 inches, you get a full range of motion and balanced muscle activation, making it possible to comfortably tackle any ride.


Four adjustable stride-length settings allow you to adjust the bike to your desired range of motion for the optimal riding experience.


An elongated foot platform allows you to adjust foot placement, targeting different muscle groups and letting you fine-tune your position on the fly for comfort and performance.


A simple quick-release lever makes it fast and easy to adjust the height for any rider or to transport the 8C in a vehicle.


Adjustable bar-end extensions offer greater versatility in adjusting your riding position on the fly for climbing hills, sprinting flats or cruising descents.


Compatibility with a variety of traditional bike and ElliptiGO-specific accessories allows you to deck out your bike with the gear you need to tackle any situation on any ride.

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