Elliptigo, or Ellipti-no?

 In this blog, I am going to go over what the elliptigo is and the different kinds of Elliptigos, why it is superior to a walk in the park, the different features an Elliptigo has, and what part(s) of your body the Elliptigo works out.  

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The Elliptigo is a stand up bike that mimics that of an elliptical (clever name right?).  First off, I have to mention there are quite a few different types of Elliptigos you can buy.  There is the Elliptigo SUB, which is a more affordable alternative to some other kinds of Elliptigos.  The SUB has eight gears on it and it has a quick-release lever making it easy for users to transport in a car.  Another type of Elliptigo is the MSUB. The MSUB has 27.5 inch tires making it easy to glide over bumpy surfaces.  Aside from the SUB bikes, Elliptigo also has compact-stride bikes. One of the three compact-stride bikes is the Arc3.  The Arc3 provides a fast and effective leg workout due to its compact stride of 9.4”-11.8”. The Arc3 also has a pivoting foot platform, Each platform pivots independently with the angle of your foot to provide comfort and versatility for different riding styles.  The last type of bike that Elliptigo sells is the long-stride elliptical bike, my personal favorite. The long-stride elliptical bike is the entry level long-stride model.  The long stride length can be adjusted up to 25”, allowing for a full range of motion and balanced muscle activation. These features are just a few key features of each bike!  Compared to a regular, seated bike, riding an ElliptiGO allows the rider with an upright riding position that improves visibility with an elevated line of site. The supported foot platforms of ElliptiGO bikes provide a stable, more comfortable ride. By standing and pedaling, a user is demonstrating balance, thus, engaging the core muscles.  The motion of the elliptigo is patented due to its ability to reduce stress on ankles and knees, while also allows the rider to resemble running, jogging, or walking. Due to the neutral riding position of the Elliptigo, neck, back, and seat pain are eliminated, as the user is not sitting hunched over. If these features of the Elliptigo won’t sell you on one, check out the site to get even MORE awesome information about the bike.  I think that after researching, examining, and riding an Elliptigo, I have to say the elliptical bike is definitely a GO! Try one out and see for yourself!

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In fact, if you are in the Houston area there is now a mobile dealer that will bring Ellptigos to your home or office and you can try them at your leisure.    This is a free service and if you decide to purchase, he has them on the van for you to keep!   Pretty cool.

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