Doing cardio on a piece of strength equipment

A cardiovascular workout can be achieved while doing muscular training. My personal favorite way to do this is what I call super sets. This is when you are working 2 muscle groups at the same time. Begin with a set of reps on the first exercise, but during the “break” or “rest” portion, knock out a set of reps on exercise #2. Do not allow yourself to take more than 15 seconds between sets. This rapid pace elevates your heart rate, which in turn, increases blood flow to your muscles. This helps alleviate soreness and promote recovery. At the same time, the strain of repeatedly and quickly moving from exercise to exercise is not giving your heart the chance to slow down, which promotes cardiovascular endurance.

Another popular way to incorporate cardiovascular endurance training into anaerobic training is to do circuit training. This is when you incorporate strength training into your cardio workout. For example, one could do 2 minutes on an elliptical, hop off and knock out a set of wood chops, then get back on the elliptical for another 2 minutes, and so on. This method is primarily geared towards cardio training, but the increased blood flow is still very beneficial to strength training.
Whichever method you prefer, the idea is the same: keep your heart rate elevated while lifting weights by resting no more than 15 seconds (so long as you are safely and medically able) between sets. This helps sculpt hard muscle and burn fat in the most effective way possible.

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