Cheap Treadmills vs Inexpensive Treadmills

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When searching for a “good” treadmill, it is always a smart idea to spend a little more than you originally set out to spend.   So…. if you think your only going to use your treadmill for walking then great…. expect to spend between $500 to $1000.   Although, if you one day feel good enough to pick up the pace and start jogging, you may be in trouble!   That “walking” treadmill was never intended for a jogger (regardless of the treadmills capable speed) and you will soon find out that price is directly related to quality when it comes to exercise equipment.   If you only want to spend a minimal amount for a “good treadmill” then you may be better off purchasing an expensive brand that has been used for a couple of years.   A good place to start your treadmill shopping online is at   Preowned Fitness has numerous treadmills in great condition (they come with a warranty too) that were either not used as expected or came from a commercial club, apartment, studio or facility that went out of business.    These used treadmills tend to sell for 20% to 60% of their original price so you may be able to purchase a $2000 treadmill for around $700!   The best part is your treadmill will look and operate how the manufacture intended it to operate and you or your friends will never know that you purchased it as pre-owned.

Purchasing a new treadmill under $1000 is risky business and while our company does sell them, we do not recommend them for people that are dedicated to walking daily.   The under $1000 treadmill category is dominated by a company called Horizon Fitness.   They do a good job in this price point although with everything considered… it still is not a very good treadmill.  Sure you will have a fan, speakers, Bluetooth connections, heart rate readings, etc, although what has the manufacture sacrificed to give you all these cool features?  Yep… you are correct:  Motor, deck, belt, and the electronics that control everything!    So… before you convince yourself that all you need is a “cheap treadmill”, save your money until you can purchase something that will withstand the test of time as well as the pounding you are going to give it!

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