Wake Up, its time to start working out!

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What do you think of when you hear the word “fitness” or “working out”?  Do you think of sweat, pain, a burden, etc? How does it make you feel?  Maybe intimidated, a desire to be lazy, for some maybe it’s even motivated.  What about diet? All of these words bring about different emotions. If you’re not a gym junkie, these words can bring about shame or intimidation.  Why? Society has this weird influence on us and makes us think they must look a certain way, eat certain foods, and work out on a daily basis to be considered pretty or attractive.  Well, society needs to WAKE UP, that’s definitely NOT the case. Each individual is unique, and each individual has their own body type. There are many influences that contribute to body types.  Genetics, fast metabolisms, slow metabolisms, gender, and many other things. Some of these things are uncontrollable. No one should feel intimidated, or shameful, when it comes to working out and being healthy.  Becoming ‘healthy’ is a process. Not only is it a process, but if you want to make a lifestyle out of being healthy it can be a slow, dreadful, and unpleasant task. What? I’m just being honest with you! Don’t stop eating that sugar or those carbs if you don’t want to, start small and work your way up.  Don’t give up ALL sugars and carbs at once. It’s a process. Start out by cutting out soda, or maybe you have a habit of stopping at McDonalds every morning for breakfast, swap out the pancake platter for an egg white delight. You don’t have to change your habits all together, just make small improvements to make ‘healthy’ become a lifestyle.  By implementing little changes here and there you will begin to see a difference, not only in your body but your mental health as well. If you’re feeling a little ‘extra’, a great motivational challenge is to write 5 positive things on an index card and tape it on your mirror and simply read them each morning while you’re getting ready for the day.  I typically start my morning by brushing my teeth, if you start your morning doing the same, read those 5 body positive statements while doing a routine every-day action. If you don’t brush your teeth (slightly judging, but you do you) then pick a regular morning routine to read the statements in your head or out-loud. Now that you’re getting the hang of ‘healthy’ start stretching while you binge-watch your favorite Netflix show.  Or, if you’re like me and don’t pay for the premium Hulu subscription, do some jumping jacks during the commercials! Fitness doesn’t have to be intimidating, or scary, only if you make it that way and psych yourself out about it. Start slow, take a deep breath, and get those endorphins pumping! Work your way up to it, I mean… what’s the rush? You should be getting healthy for YOU, no one else. Summer is just around the corner, go outside, ride a bike, do those squats outside!  Rainy? NO excuses! Remember those Hulu commercials? No? Okay, well, don’t brag if you didn’t even know Hulu has a cheap version with commercials. Want to go the extra mile? Pun was definitely intended. Set up your TV in front of your treadmill, or preferred piece of cardio equipment, and watch your series while you walk. Not that you asked, but my favorite cardio machine is the elliptical. Check those bad boys out. Anyways, be the best you you can be. Not because someone told you to lose weight or get ripped, but because why wouldn’t you want to be the best version of yourself?  So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing those small daily changes to be the best YOU, for YOU!


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Cheap Treadmills vs Inexpensive Treadmills

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When searching for a “good” treadmill, it is always a smart idea to spend a little more than you originally set out to spend.   So…. if you think your only going to use your treadmill for walking then great…. expect to spend between $500 to $1000.   Although, if you one day feel good enough to pick up the pace and start jogging, you may be in trouble!   That “walking” treadmill was never intended for a jogger (regardless of the treadmills capable speed) and you will soon find out that price is directly related to quality when it comes to exercise equipment.   If you only want to spend a minimal amount for a “good treadmill” then you may be better off purchasing an expensive brand that has been used for a couple of years.   A good place to start your treadmill shopping online is at www.preownedfitness.com   Preowned Fitness has numerous treadmills in great condition (they come with a warranty too) that were either not used as expected or came from a commercial club, apartment, studio or facility that went out of business.    These used treadmills tend to sell for 20% to 60% of their original price so you may be able to purchase a $2000 treadmill for around $700!   The best part is your treadmill will look and operate how the manufacture intended it to operate and you or your friends will never know that you purchased it as pre-owned.

Purchasing a new treadmill under $1000 is risky business and while our company does sell them, we do not recommend them for people that are dedicated to walking daily.   The under $1000 treadmill category is dominated by a company called Horizon Fitness.   They do a good job in this price point although with everything considered… it still is not a very good treadmill.  Sure you will have a fan, speakers, Bluetooth connections, heart rate readings, etc, although what has the manufacture sacrificed to give you all these cool features?  Yep… you are correct:  Motor, deck, belt, and the electronics that control everything!    So… before you convince yourself that all you need is a “cheap treadmill”, save your money until you can purchase something that will withstand the test of time as well as the pounding you are going to give it!

How to Stay Active During Vacation Season

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A vacation is the perfect time to break up your normal routine, but many times that can include your fitness routine. To keep working on your summer body while traveling, you may need some new tips and accessories (including motivation!) to keep moving forward.

When traveling to new destinations, incorporating fitness into sightseeing can be quite easy. In many major cities, walking is just as prevalent as taking taxis or using public transportation. Running and biking are also a more intense way to hit the road and learn about a new area. Some places are even best toured on water – consider renting a kayak. Whether you’re on a plotted route to see as many sights as possible or just want to get lost and hit the local spots, use an activity tracker. You’ll be so immersed in your surroundings you won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

If you have more flexibility in your itinerary and want to make time for workouts each day, stick to a routine like you do at home. If you normally exercise in the mornings before work, do the same on vacation. Let’s face it, no one has time to workout at home, we make time. The same is true while traveling. Finding time in the mornings rather than the evenings may be more effective on vacation – if it’s out of the way before your activities, nothing that happens throughout your day can cut out your workout.

Even though you can’t take your home fitness space on vacation with you, some accessories and smaller machines are perfect for fitness on-the-go!

Jump Rope – A jump rope is a great cardio accessory easily packed into most carry on bags or back packs and can assist you in calorie burn on the go!

Resistance Bands – It doesn’t get more portable than these strength bands. With different resistance levels, use these in your hotel’s gym or even out on the beach. They’re perfect for air travel because they’re so compact, but they pack a huge punch.

Personal Power Plate – Vibration training is one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry right now. It helps your body work harder and recover more quickly. Power Plate recently introduced the Personal Power Plate. At only 27.5″ x 18.7″ and 40lbs, it’s easy to slip into a car for any road trip. The Personal Power Plate is meant to go wherever you do!

However you decide to stay in shape while traveling, just remember to keep moving. Although it’s tempting to eat the local fare and lounge by the pool, it makes it that much tougher to get back into your routine when you get back, which can take a huge toll on your fitness goals and motivation. Use these tips and accessories to have a fit and fun vacation!

9 Benefits Women Can Gain Through Strength Training

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Fitness Tips

If you want a lean, toned profile, there’s one thing you should not forget about – strength training. Not every woman wants sculpted arms, but strength training offers a much broader range of benefits.

Importantly, strength training is something more trainers should be encouraging, as the benefits are ideal for both men and women alike.

Improved Mentality

Strength training is a great way to get your mind in the right attitude since it’s built around achieving and consistently improving your goals. The end result is that it becomes easier to stay focused and motivated.

Combined with a healthy workout regime and diet, you will use your brain more, improving its capabilities. Likewise, strength training is an effective way to reduce stress. By focusing on higher, more achievable goals, your mindset is able to remain positive and motivated.

Increased Metabolism

Women, like men, naturally lose muscle mass as they age. One result of this process is that your metabolism often becomes slower, increasing your chances of gaining bulk weight and fat. This can happen from your thirties onward, but there are a few exercises that can reignite your metabolism.

Dumbbell lateral exercises, for instance, can accelerate your metabolism. The effect is quite long lasting, as the body will be able to burn fat hours after the original exercises.

Stronger Bones

Weak bones are a common problem for many women. Fortunately, strength training does more than just improve the muscles.

A major benefit of these exercises is the strengthening of bone tissue. Strength training is actively linked to improved bone density, helping to reduce a number of risks such as fractures and osteoporosis. Strength training can even offer better bone density along your spinal cord, which provides more protection for your nervous system.

Improved Joints Offer Less Pain

Some exercises, such as hack squatting, are a great way to promote healthy joints, as well as developing stronger muscles and bones. Strength training can actually improve your joints, thus reducing your chances of muscle or joint pains.

This process can also remove back pain – something many women experience. By actively training on a regular basis, you can live a life with less of these pains entirely.

A Healthier Heart

Strength training doesn’t just strengthen the bones, joints, and muscles. It can also benefit important organs, such as the heart.

By improving your metabolic rate, you can start removing excess fats and cholesterol, which have a strong, negative impact on your heart’s condition.

Similarly, working out with strength exercises can help prevent Type 2 diabetes. This is because muscle training reduces the levels of glucose – as well as triglycerides – in your bloodstream.

Burn More Calories

Likewise, strength training is a great way to burn calories. Even after you’ve completed your strength exercises, your body will continue to burn calories, something many professions call physiologic homework.

Aside from an increased metabolism (up to 15 percent faster), muscles simply require more fat to build and maintain. This makes such exercises an excellent way to stay slim or start a weight loss plan.

Become Leaner And More Powerful

When you want a lean body, it’s instinctive to turn to cardio exercises, but these offer a very slow process. Strength training, however, burns more calories thanks to your improved metabolism.

The effect offers the desired lean results on a much faster scale. As an added bonus, it also supports your internal health thanks to the added bone and muscular strength.

A Reduced Risk of Personal Injuries

Injuries are always a risk when working out, but strength training helps to reduce the chance. When you have healthier, stronger joints, bones, and muscles, you can cope with more pressure.

Your body will accept bigger challenges, handle larger amounts of stress, and emerge unscathed. Likewise, your muscles can become more adaptive and are less likely to hurt because you stretched them the wrong way or otherwise stressed them.

Enhance Your Body’s Mechanisms

Improved coordination, combined with a greater sense of balance, can help to vastly improve your posture and flexibility. This can have some surprising benefits, such as reducing the risks of falling down by as much as 40 percent.

More than just getting toned, strength training can help improve your muscles, internal system, and mental attitude. It is a great way to support and enhance your overall health and makes strength training an excellent addition to anyone’s fitness plan.

Author Bio:

Demmy James is a fitness buff, strength and conditioning specialist and content contributor with Muscle & Strength. He is constantly looking to inspire and motivate others towards achieving their own health and fitness goals through his writings.

Proper Rowing Technique

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With the popularity of rowing ever increasing, it is important to know the proper form while using this great piece of fitness equipment. A rower is a low impact cardio machine that when used correctly can provide great results and is extremely space efficient for your home gym.

We have included in this post a helpful video that will ensure you get the most out of rowing. This will make your experience much more enjoyable and limit the risks of injury.



For more information or if you are considering a rower as your next cardio piece, please visit your local Busy Body store and our trained staff will be happy to assist you.